This Indian startup has a shot at becoming the Tesla of electric two-wheelers

That is a new automobile brand in India which is not something to be taken lightly because there is a good amount of challenge involved in it and it is even more difficult when you want to plan exclusively for launching best electric vehicles.


This startup is a Bangalore based startup and it wants to take it up to the task and wants to test the faith it has on the future of Electric bikes. This company released two of the two-wheeler at the official event of this company in the City. These are the 340 and the 450 versions.

They have a range of 60 km and 75 kilometers on a single charge and it is quite admirable, the top speeds which they can reach our 80 kilometers per hour and 70 kilometers per hour and they also include a 7-inch touch screen for navigation so that you do not need to worry about the roads.

This is hardly the first company to bring out the Electric bikes in India but the way it is approaching to bring the rides to the market and doing something which is similar to a thoughtful ownership experience is more similar to that of Tesla than its local competitors.

The CEO of this company told on the stage that it is one of the biggest puzzles when you are trying to launch an electric vehicle brand in India which is the country where there is no charging infrastructure available.

Charging Points

The charging points are there in public as well as private facilities and it has been a big problem in making them available and if the government, as well as the real estate developers, offer points when electric vehicles are not yet commonplace, they should make them available if they want to promote electric vehicles and make people by them.


This company has a good amount of a network of smart charging points which help people charge bikes quickly after the authentication of your vehicle. Their location is where people enjoy riding the bikes after or while having some downtime and this bike will charge up to 80% in just 50 minutes.

The launch of this in Bangalore had an installation of 17 charging points total across the Bangalore Town to ensure that people are never more than 4 kilometers away from a charging point.

This is an initiative which took two years to be completed and now this company will target each and every town where at launches the bike ok so that it can provide charging points there as well.

This company you will offer a good Diagnostic facility like Audio Electric Bike in its mobile application so that you will know what exactly is wrong with your electronic bike and you will be able to schedule service at your convenience. Your bike will be picked up from your location to the service centers and then it will be returned back to the address which you have mentioned.

These kinds of services which are provided with unlimited charging of your bike as well as consumables and roadside assistance are taken care of with a unique subscription plan that is cheaper than what you will be there with a petrol fuel bike.

You will also get over the air updates for the firmware and software of the bike on your mobile phone which will help with things like monitoring your battery as well as optimizing it for power management. Most of the hardware which is installed in the bike will be easily upgradable as well.

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