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Can you ride an E-Bike Without the battery?

An electric bike or e-bike is a growing trend in the transportation industry. Although the concept is not new it has gained most of its popularity in the recent few years only. The sales are growing rapidly and it won’t take long when e-bikes will take over the entire bicycle industry.

It has a lot of added advantages as compared to a traditional bicycle. It is also not very expensive and instead of spending your money on a regular bike you can undoubtedly bet your money on an e-bike and it will surely disappoint you, it’s a must-have investment if you love riding bikes.

So, are you thinking of buying an e-bike in 2020? That’s a great decision however while looking for an e-bike there are several questions that often come in the buyer’s mind and it is better to have them cleared so you will already be prepared with the basics.

One of the common questions we get is, “Can we ride an e-bike without the battery” Considering this we can surely say that people are misunderstanding the e-bike with something else. So, in this article let’s clear all your doubts and help you understand everything about the e-bike.

Let’s dive in.

What are electric bikes?

Electric bikes are just like a regular bike but with the addition of some electrical components. It uses almost the same parts; you have your regular pedals and handles while the electrical components help enhance human power while riding the electric bike.

In addition to the Pedal and Handle the electric bike features a motor, a battery, and a controller. If you think of it as a scooter or electric motorcycle then this is very different. They do not completely take over the control and always require some human power to ride the e-bike.

It makes climbing hills and mountains as well as allows you to travel much further without getting tired, or spending too much energy.

How exactly does an e-bike work?

To better understand the working of e-bike and find the answer to your question you must take a look at some of the components of e-bikes.

The Motor

A motor installed in an e-bike comes with various designs and placed in different locations. one of the most common types of the motor is hub motor which is installed either on the rear of the front wheel.

The motor pushes the wheel when you pedal the e-bike providing your assistance. You can also set the level of assistance you want and also set it to zero in case you just want to exercise and don’t want any assistance from the motor.

The Battery

The battery on the e-bike is used to power the motor. Without the battery, the e-bike is of no use. Usually, you will find 2 types of battery installed in an e-bike. The Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or the Lithium-Ion battery. When the battery runs out the motor will stop giving power/assistance to the pedal and thus you will get any advantage from it. But the e-bike continues to work as a regular bike.

The Controller

The controller is another important part of an e-bike. It is located on the handlebar of the e-bike just like the accelerator on a motorbike. This lets you control the level of assistance for your e-bike. They are either available in two styles, one of them is pedal activated while others are throttle based.

The pedal assist style provides power to the motor only when you pedal the e-bike. You don’t have to use the throttle. just pedal the bike and it will give your assistance. This type of bike has the controller attached to the handlebar for ease of usage. you can turn the dial and select the amount of assistance you want.

On the other hand, the throttle-based e-bike works differently. The throttle will be a twist-grip or thumb press type. You just have to press it in order to activate the motor assistance. Some electric bikes are also fully automatic which means you don’t even have to pedal it. It will allow you to ride with the electrical power only.

So, there you have it. This is everything you need to learn about the working of e-bike. Hopefully, you understood how the e-bike works and might have got the answer by now.

Is it Possible to Ride without the Battery?

The simple answer is Yes! you can ride the e-bike without the battery. The way most e-bike works is by giving assistance to the applied human power on the e-bike. So, when you start pedalling the bike, you get an instant boost from the motor and in this way, you can drive much faster, further and by spending very less energy. As stated, before you can choose the level of assistance you want. If you are going to the office you might want to keep yourself energetic and sweat-free so you will need maximum assistance as possible.

If you just want to exercise you can also choose to not use any assistance from the motor and use it like a regular bike. In this way, you won’t require the power from the battery.

Again, In the case when the battery runs out of power, it automatically goes into a pedal the only mode So there is no extra resistance provided by the motor. You will feel exactly like a regular bike but since it has a lot of components added to it adds up to the weight which you might don’t want to carry around.


Riding an electric bike without a battery is just like operating a regular bicycle. You can operate any type of electric bike without the battery in pedal only mode or when the battery runs out of juice. However, we recommend you to use a small amount of resistance to overcome the extra added weight of the components like the battery and the motor.

So, hopefully, you found what you were looking for and in case you have further doubts regarding electric bikes then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below so we can check them out.…