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Study: Electric Pedal-Assist Bikes Can Get People Out of Their Cars

UC Davis published a brief that will be useful for legislators who are considering expanding state zero emission vehicle incentives in order to include electronic bikes. Dillion, a researcher at the UC Davis Institute of transportation studies, said that there were reports and studies which were existing on electronic bike incentive programs in order to evaluate whether they help reduce car trips.

The research which is available is limited but he found out that the programs report between 35 and 50% of bike trips would have been made by car if an electronic bike was not available. A good amount of research comes from the European city is where the programs are really common and when you compare them to the USA, the programs have a significantly higher rate. A lot of programs are pilot which consists of an end date and a cap which offer financial incentives in order to purchase an electronic bike.


There are other restrictions, like only being available to the people who are traveling by car currently, requiring e-bikes to be used for commuting, adding higher incentives for cargo bikes. In the United States, when a car is replaced for a trip, it is a reported reason for buying an electronic bike. There are only some studies which will help you quantified the car substitution rate which ranges from 11 to 46%.

When you measure the number of Miles that electronic bikes replace, this has been harder and existing research is not available openly. Some studies show that electronic bike users replace around 1.6 to 5.2 % of their vmt with electronic bike riders. In some cities, using small programs which are targeted, the numbers are greater than 20% in the United Kingdom and this is a positive point.

One of the biggest barriers to getting an electronic bike is the cost of e-bikes. Only providing financial incentives in order to purchase the electronic bikes will be a partial success but other strategies should be used like infrastructure and programming in order to encourage the bike used.

Bike sharing services which promote the use of electronic bikes show that there is an increase of awareness and experience with electronic bikes which will surely increase the demand for owning private electronic bikes as well.


The demand for electronic bikes is very high and incentives to help people in order to get encouraged in order to purchase electronic bikes but the funding is running out because of the high demand of electronic bikes in Europe. There are a good amount of benefits which are yet to be measured but the dominant benefits are surely clear to the people.

Electronic bikes are great for replacing cars and going to places for general purpose is made much easier when you compare it to a car.

The companies are also asking for adding 5 million to the California clean vehicle rebate program which is specially made for electronic bikes and is a part of annual allocation from the greenhouse gas reduction fund. This is a good time to encourage people to purchase electronic bikes. We hope that this article helped you gain some insights on electronic bikes. Have a great day.…